pop rack

Shelf baskets for an effective organisation merchandising

  • Increase your share of shelf space
  • Personalise
  • Modulate
  • Recycle
  • A plastic standard shelf basket that allows you to create effective organisation merchandising and gain product space on shelves.

    The baskets are compatible with each other and are designed to allow you to:

    - immobilise your shelf facings: universal shelf fastening system
    - raise and extol your small products on shelves at the height of your choice
    - create your stores with different shelf heights
    - double your communication
    - create a shopper experience with the use of olfactory medallions placed on the front of baskets.

  • This range of POP rack baskets is the only one to offer a large selection of simple or double customisable communication noses or , that be clipped on the front of the basket:

    - standard tilting or straight noses

    - customised tailor-made noses.

    In order to complete your customisation, this basket can be produced in any colour you wish and accessorised with side panels and enhanced with other tailor-made decorations.

  • Baskets which are adapted to the depth of the shelves, the size of your products and allow you to bring together several product widths on the same shelf.

    Modular in width and the number of facings, POP rack baskets are reversible for a presentation of your products by unit or ready to sell.

  • According to our sustainable development policy, we also certify that our POP rack plastic baskets are entirely recyclable.