oto totem

Cardboard totem with automatic unfolding

Communicate on your highlights or ephemeral operations in point of sale thanks to the cardboard totem totem totem.
In point of sale: central aisle, showcase, case ... or on stands, salons, these cardboard totems with automatic unfolding are fast to install.

  • Make it easy
  • Communicate
  • Glorify
  • Thanks to the elasticated cardboard system, the totems oto totem unfold automatically and are installed in a quick turn by the sales force.
    The totems are delivered flat, custom packaging.

  • The cardboard totems oto totem, fully customizable, will allow you to communicate on your operations and highlights of the moment.
    Triangle, almond, square or rectangle, choose the shape that suits you!
    Available sizes: from size S to size XXXL depending on the model.
    Communication surface: varies in width and height from 1460 mm to 2030 mm high.

  • In order to realize your animations or highlight your products, the totems can be realized with a glorifier niche.

oto stand

Animating stand in cardboard with automatic unfolding

The unfolding cardboard tasting stand, oto stand, has been designed for your point-of-sale entertainment.
A real link between the shopper and your brand, oto stand is an ephemeral furniture that allows you to present and showcase your products but also to have them tested by the visitors.

  • Make it easy
  • Animate
  • Communicate
  • Really easy and fast to mount by your sales force thanks to its elasticated opening system, the stand oto stand unfolds in one movement.
    Several formats available: almond, rectangle or triangle.

  • Make the act of buying easy with oto stand: thanks to the tasting or the product test via the demonstration tray, your visitors will be more tempted by the purchase of your products.

  • Fully customizable, the tasting stands oto stand will allow you to communicate on your brand and / or your products during your highlights.
    Oto stand can be equipped with several options:
    - communication pediment fixed by one or two masts
    - protection tablet of tray
    - documents support...

oto display

Cardboard display box with automatic unfold

In a central aisle, at the head of a gondola or in a linear, the ephemeral floor display, oto display, allows you to present and store your products during your promotional campaigns or other highlights.

  • Present avec store
  • Communicate
  • Simplify
  • Put forward and store your products with the automatic cardboard display boxes.
    Oto display has been designed to withstand loads of up to 30 kg per floor, depending on the selected model:
    - display light
    - display strong
    - display ultra strong.
    Systematically tested, we guarantee the stability of your products on the shelves of the cardboard display box.
    Available sizes: 1 / 8th to 1/4 pallet and 3 to 5 levels.

  • Fully customizable, the cardboard display boxes allow you to communicate on your brand or your products during your highlights.

  • Equipped with an elasticated system, the cardboard display box oto display automatically turns on volume when the packaging is opened.
    Your sales force needs only to straighten the front of the cardboard box and place your products on the shelves of the automatic display.
    The cardboard display boxes delivered flat to optimize transport costs.

oto cube

Automatic cardboard cube

Animate your spaces in showcase or point of sale with the cardboard cubes oto cube.
These decorative elements can be used in different ways: placed on the floor, stacked on top of each other or suspended from the ceiling.

  • Animate
  • Simplify
  • With the automatic cardboard cubes, create the staging of your choice in a showcase or in-store space.
    The cubes oto cube serve as both communication support and glorify.
    Thanks to the different dimensions, you can play on the animation configurations:
    From the smallest format S: 260 x 260 mm to the largest XL: 470 x 470 mm.

  • The cardboard cubes oto cube, when taken in hand, unfold in one movement by the sales force, thanks to their automatic opening (elasticated opening system).

oto carrousel

Automatic cardboard carousel

Set the scene and communicate on your brand or products thanks to the automatic carousel in cardboard oto carousel.

  • Simplify
  • Set the scene
  • Communicate
  • Oto carousel has been developed and designed to be quickly and easily deployed by your sales force.
    The upper part opens automatically thanks to an elastic system.

  • The carrousels, plv in volume, raised by a mast, allow a 360 ° visibility of your brand in point of sale.
    Installed on spaces such as shops in shops or theatrical performances, they bring you all the visibility necessary during your operations.

  • Fully customizable, automatic carousels allow you to communicate on your products or your brand for an optimal visibility.