Turn your retail outlet into a 3D virtual store.

2016 was the year of virtual reality in France. It was a particularly strong trend at various high-tech shows such as CES in Las Vegas or the MWC in Barcelona* (Source LSA: 07/04/2016).

Although consumers definitely seem ready to buy virtual reality headsets or goggles, these products seem to feature more and more in merchandising.

In order to launch themselves into the realm of future merchandising gear , brands and franchises are turning to virtual 3D stores.

To meet this specific need, CAMELEON has developed the 3D virtual store solution, Live store.
The virtual store is a means of designing, immersing, and breathing life into your future merchandising concepts in a reality-like 3D environment.

  • Immerse
  • Enhance
  • Merchandise in virtual reality using the Live store tool will allow you to offer your management teams an immersive experience during meetings in virtual 3D stores, and be able to view all the furnishings and shelving of stores.

  • Live store, an innovative virtual store solution, lets you enhance the design of your various merchandising gear such as your products and planograms, category signposting, furniture, signage, POS adverts, stagings, promotional areas...All of this is to maximise the final result and visual impact.

    With CAMELEON’s Live Store, give your merchandising a new dimension and use a real collaborative decision-making assistance tool to surprise, seduce, convince, and sell your merchandising projects at the 3D virtual store.

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