Universal and customisable shop and shelf signposting

  • Signpost
  • Promote your products
  • Modulate
  • Personalise
  • Choose a universal, simple and quick to install fixing range to signpost your shelves: modulo merch solves your retail outlet issues.

    This range of signage material can fit any type of gondola in all possible configurations.

  • Create categorical signposting, a boutique brand and promote your products.

    The modulo merch range is made up of metal fixing systems to hang all types of signage: Facings, POS, vertical hanging banners, touchscreen tablets, digital screens, hand rails, shelf space tag blocks, lighting poles, mini promotional frames...

  • With its customisable features, the modulo merch range means your communication material and other shelving labels can be fixed in every configuration: on or under shelves, on load bars, on the backs of gondolas, on racks, on laminated or perforated surfaces.

    The modulo merch solution is designed so that your sales team can easily deploy your store’s signage material : the materials are packaged in batches that can easily be transported in the boot of a car.

    Assembly is done with barely any tools.

  • In order to provide you with a turnkey solution, we have also developed a large range of standard visual communication material which comply with our modulo merch fixing system.

    This shelf signage increases the visibility of categories and makes them easier to find . They also highlight your product offerings and ranges from the central aisle.

    We offer you standard concepts that can be personalised or made-to-measure depending on your needs and budget.

    Metal, card, plastic or wood, we work with all materials to bring you personalised solutions.

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