Shelf label clip, customizable POS information

  • Be visible
  • Personalize
  • Facilitate
  • Save
  • Be more visible on shelves by identifying your products with the POP clip: customizable POS information labels to clip on display shelf label holders.

    The POP clip allows you to create a visual marker identical to that on the products with the same characteristics in-store: reference brand products, organic products, new products, gluten-free products, etc.

  • This plastic shelf label can be customized:

    you create your own communication message via branding in relief or a 3D sticker: logo, symbol, keyword, etc.

  • The POP clip is quick and easy to attach to the store's rails by means of two flexible pins.

    The clips are compatible with Pricer, infomil and SES electronic label rails. They are suitable for all product categories: fresh, groceries, hygiene, etc.

  • Economical and effective, POP Clips POS information labels allow shoppers to quickly find the products they are looking for on a shelf.

    POP clips are designed as much for brands as for distributors.

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