Increase the visibility of your segments and products thanks to the shelf frame - marketing signposting

  • Modulate
  • Facilitate
  • Personalise
  • Multi-network
  • Modulo frame, a metal frame concept for presenting a space on the shelves.

    Modular, standard or tailor-made, the modulo frame solution is adapted to your needs and the retail outlet's different configurations: frame with horizontal rail and fixed or telescopic vertical pole.

    Therefore, modulate the width and height of facings concerned by the promotion

  • A range that offers an on-shelf fastening system, that is easy-to-install by your sales force:

    - riveted or magnetic

    - on rack and pinions or via jaws.

  • The frame is designed to receive the decorative elements that dress your promotion and allow you to communicate about your categories, segments and products: Point of sale information, kakemonos, medallions, etc.

    Several options complete the modulo frame range and offer a particularly attractive zone on shelves: lighting of fascias, medallions and poles, integration of rotative POS information and touch tablet, etc.

  • The extendible modulo frame structures are used a great deal by brands that want to take the lead in their category and work on several retail outlet configurations: superstores, supermarkets, local stores etc.

    This shelf visual merchandising - marketing signposting tool is long-lasting and is part of the modernisation of traditional shelf decorations.

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