Increase the visibility of your products with metal commercial furniture

  • Modulate
  • Perpetuate
  • Accessorise
  • Personalise
  • Fit out your retail spaces with a fully customisable metal furniture system that enables the creation of all types of display units: modulo display comprises an assembly of parts that are common to several types of structure.

    On the basis of a model, you can adapt your solution according to several versions: counter or floor furniture, storage furniture with shelves, on rail, with perforated bottom, on rods, etc.

  • A free-standing metal structure, modulo display offers you unequalled stability and life-span.

    Designed especially to support heavy loads, modulo display is an incredible ally for brands in the DIY, gardening, drinks and personal equipment, etc. sectors.

    Between fixtures and POS, this commercial furniture solution can be adapted to various constraints in retail outlets: location, floor dimensions, height, depth, etc.

  • We offer a wide range of accessories in order to allow you to ensure a maximum of uses at retail outlets:
    - shoe stand
    - spectacles stand
    - gloves stand
    - cap stand
    - clothes stand

  • With the intervention of our designers, the structure of our modulo display units disappear behind a presentation and tailor-made decorations specific to your brand, in order to produce a giant product display, a stand, a flagship, etc.

    By opting for the modulo display range of metal display units, you will combine modularity, durability and the opportunity to indefinitely personalise your structure that can be used for several operations.

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