Improve access to your products with the shelf autofacing system / gravity-feed display unit

  • Patented system
  • Plastic version
  • Organise
  • Metallic version
  • POP push is a patented gravity-feed system that is able to adapt to two universal shelf device versions:

    - a metal shelf version to place on aisle end consoles to replace shop shelves

    - a plastic parquet version to place direct on aisle end shelves in retail outlets.

    Pop push corresponds to all the standard dimensions of the market's aisle end displays.

  • The autofacing plastic display unit comprises puzzle shelves which are adapted in width and depth to the dimensions of your packaging.

    Fastened magnetically to the shelf, they are assembled together and allow you to organise your products in order to achieve the perfect shelf and ensure your organisation merchandising at a store or over your entire category.

    In order to separate and keep your products upright, we add transparent plastic separators that are clipped onto the shelves.

  • The range offers a system of height-adjustable pegs to support your products in blister packaging.

    A saloon door side panel system in transparent and printable plastic retains the products at the front of the POS.

    The gravity-feed display unit comprises a rail, a spring and a front gravity-feed display unit according to the height of your packaging, that is clipped on to the shelves.

  • The autofacing system version is also available in a metal shelf version.

    This version comprising a metal shelf with a fastening system on the store's consoles offers the same characteristics as the plastic shelf version: spacing of the gravity-feed system and separators, products held at the front,communication banner on the front of the facings, accessorisation of the device.

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