Cardboard totem with automatic unfolding

Communicate on your highlights or ephemeral operations in point of sale thanks to the cardboard totem totem totem.
In point of sale: central aisle, showcase, case ... or on stands, salons, these cardboard totems with automatic unfolding are fast to install.

  • Make it easy
  • Communicate
  • Glorify
  • Thanks to the elasticated cardboard system, the totems oto totem unfold automatically and are installed in a quick turn by the sales force.
    The totems are delivered flat, custom packaging.

  • The cardboard totems oto totem, fully customizable, will allow you to communicate on your operations and highlights of the moment.
    Triangle, almond, square or rectangle, choose the shape that suits you!
    Available sizes: from size S to size XXXL depending on the model.
    Communication surface: varies in width and height from 1460 mm to 2030 mm high.

  • In order to realize your animations or highlight your products, the totems can be realized with a glorifier niche.

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