Animating stand in cardboard with automatic unfolding

The unfolding cardboard tasting stand, oto stand, has been designed for your point-of-sale entertainment.
A real link between the shopper and your brand, oto stand is an ephemeral furniture that allows you to present and showcase your products but also to have them tested by the visitors.

  • Make it easy
  • Animate
  • Communicate
  • Really easy and fast to mount by your sales force thanks to its elasticated opening system, the stand oto stand unfolds in one movement.
    Several formats available: almond, rectangle or triangle.

  • Make the act of buying easy with oto stand: thanks to the tasting or the product test via the demonstration tray, your visitors will be more tempted by the purchase of your products.

  • Fully customizable, the tasting stands oto stand will allow you to communicate on your brand and / or your products during your highlights.
    Oto stand can be equipped with several options:
    - communication pediment fixed by one or two masts
    - protection tablet of tray
    - documents support...

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