A range of cardboard display units that unfold automatically.

Visual merchandising for your retail outlets, coordinate you communication, create an in-store storage space.

With automatic opening cardboard POS from the OTO collection range, deploy your campaigns quickly with your sales force.

Totems, arches, displays, stands, cubes or carousels, all our POS units are mounted in one simple movement thanks to a opening system with elastic bands.

Personalise your cardboard display unit and create your own retail outlet communication kits.

CAMELEON intervenes as an expert to accompany you in the choice of your ephemeral POS products and models: shapes, dimensions, options, printing and finish.

Built your automatic POS unit byselecting your model: almond, square, rectangle, triangle, your format and select your options and configurations...

A range of shopper multi contact point cardboard POS units:
- in store window space
- at the entrance to the retail outlet
- in the central alley
- on shelves
- at end of aisles
- at cash desks or counters.

These cardboard display units are suitable for brands and trade names that want to promote and stage their retail outlets and communicate about their highlights, special offers, and new products, etc.

The cardboard display unit: an automatic display that offers you a storage space adapted to your packaging.

In order to meet your needs, CAMELEON offers different models designed to support a weight of 10kg to 30 kg per level.

The cardboard display units from our OTO collection range are available in several formats: 1/8, 1/6 and 1/4 palette of 3 to 5 levels.

Packaging optimised for transport by your sales force and express assembly without any tools ensures a good completeness rate for your deployment.



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