Cardboard arch with automatic unfolding

Set the scene and communicate on your brand thanks to the automatic unfolding cardboard arch: oto arch.
In a simple shop or in an islet, the event arch allows you to optimize your visibility during your highlights.

  • Make it easy
  • Set the scene
  • Communicate
  • Thanks to their elastic system, the automatic arches oto arch are easily and quickly mounted by your sales force.

  • Fixed or telescopic, automatic arches can be used in different configurations:
    - simple arch shop: a pediment and 2 totems

    - multiple arch shop: several pediments and several assembled totems enabling to form islands of different shapes: square, rectangular, triangular ...

  • Fully customizable, CAMELEON's cardboard arch oto arch brings you all the visibility you need during your highlights.
    In the middle aisle, at the entrance of the shops, above the fresh bins ... the automatic arch allows you a 360 ° communication.

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