Track shopper: monitor the purchase behaviour of consumers with the shopper study

  • Analyse
  • Interview distributors
  • Study your shoppers
  • Study retail outlets
  • To best meet their expectations, understanding shoppers and ensuring their satisfaction is key to business, particularly within marketing departments.

    To help brands and franchises analyse the purchase behaviour of shoppers, CAMELEON has developed Track shopper, a range of qualitative studies for studying shoppers.

  • Buyers in the middle aisle, floor managers, sales assistants..., these various stakeholders meet your shoppers on a daily basis. Through interviews, they can highlight the various needs and expectations of shoppers.

    With Track shopper, CAMELEON will provide you with professional  surveyors to interview them and help you identify the key issues for your products, your category, your brand, your sale areas...

  • Observations, individual interviews, focus groups, shopper workshops, CAMELEON offers you various solutions to explore shoppers’ needs, to test new approaches to concretise your approach and identify means of optimisation

    Our objective: help you devise a strategy based on these expectations.

  • However, to understand the expectations and the purchase behaviour of shoppers, it is also essential to analyse the retail outlet.

    With Track shopper, we conduct store audits to study your current devices and verify if they comply with the initial expectations of your brand.

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