strate merch: research methodology for building your merchandising strategy

"More than half of buying acts are decided at the retail outlet*" (*source IFM). In view of this, brands are increasing resources in order to optimise their in-store visibility. This is the real challenge of merchandising.

Because we know that merchandising is at the heart of your strategy for developing your growth, CAMELEON accompanies you in the construction of your merchandising strategy with strate merch.

  • Decipher
  • Sell
  • Test
  • Validate
  • Strate merch is a research methodology that allows you to decipher the insight of shoppers and brands. The objective is to determine trends in order to develop the merchandising solution most adapted to the needs of shoppers and brands.

  • With strate merch, we support you in the sale of your project or your merchandising strategy defined, whether internally or through the brands.

  • Once the merchandising strategy has been defined together, we support you in the test phase, thus allowing you to assess the performance of your approach and analyse the results of it in order to optimise your concept.

  • Finally, we help you to ensure the correct deployment of your approach and consolidate the results in order to ensure the success of your merchandising strategy.

    ​With strate merch, we have one sole objective: to help you to develop the growth of your brand"

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