Track store: study and measure the attractiveness of your store or your space

  • Traffic | Audience | Profiling
  • Measure
  • Optimise
  • Target
  • In order to better understand the behaviour of shoppers at retail outlets, CAMELEON has developed track store, a solution for studying the attractiveness index of a retail space or outlet.

    Thanks to Track store, you can:
    - measure the audience
    - measure the traffic
    - implement a count
    - study the profile of your shoppers.

  • With Track store, increase the attractiveness and performance of your tools in retail outlets using an objective measurement that allows you to effectively measure:
    - those entering and leaving a store, a department, a zone and the direction of the traffic flow
    - the potential and current audience for a POS or Digital merchandising tool
    - the presence time and the attention time for a new concept
    - the shopper profile

  • The Track store vsolution also enables the optimisation of the layout of a space and the offer's attractiveness by measuring the traffic at your retail outlet or in a defined zone, as well as by studying the shopper path.

    Also, by evaluating the attractiveness of your merchandising tool: POS, shelf signs, screen, interactive tool, etc. optimise visibility, content and layout in-store

  • Thanks to the Track store solution by CAMELEON, you can target shoppers more effectively

    - by profiling your tool's audience

    - by adapting the visual codes and content to their needs.

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