Study the attractiveness and use of your apps

Nowadays, many brands and trade names offer all sorts of apps on mobiles, tablets, terminals or other devices.

On the one hand, decision-making apps are developed to help shoppers to buy their products.

On the other hand, sales support apps help retailers in their buying act.

These apps may prove to be extremely beneficial and contribute to the growth of sales for brands and trade names.

However, it is essential to measure the attractiveness of these digital tools and the performance of these different apps by analysing user data and their digital path.

Indeed, the success of these apps depend on factors such as added value, ease of access and use and their utility.

Unfortunately, often these digital apps are made available to shoppers or retailers but are not then analysed, which means a loss brands and trade names.

  • Decipher
  • Analyse
  • Thanks to the tracking solution, Track digital, developed by CAMELEON, you can now follow and decipher user behaviour on your apps and estimate the relevance of the different functions proposed.

  • The analysis of the audience, of the browsing path as well as usage and time spent on your interactive devices with e-track will allow you to correct any blockages identified and, subsequently achieve the goals fixed for your digital apps.

    This electronic measurement via browsing tracking may be implemented on an unlimited number of devices by region, by trade name, etc.

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