Develop your e-merchandising and your product  performance

E-commerce has now become one of the most important growth drivers for brands and companies. In France, the total amount of sales conducted online represents 7 to 8%* (source: “Le profil de l’e-commerçant en 2016” or The e-business person’s profile in 2016 – Oxatis KPMG survey).

Many brands and franchises now sell their products online via e-commerce or click and collect sites. However, a large number of brands, products and categories are poorly referenced on the websites, shoppers can’t find what they're looking for and end up frustrated while the brands and franchises lose out.

Aware of these issues and consequences, CAMELEON group offers a solution so you can develop your e-merchandising and the performance of your products on e-commerce websites: Strate emerch.

“E-merchandising is the collective techniques and strategies which enable information optimisation,
Presentation and organisation of merchant websites to help make selection and searching easier for e-shoppers
on their purchase journey.” Translation of French Merchandising Institute’s (IFM) definition

  • Study
  • Analyse
  • Attract
  • Strate emerch is a categorical diagnostic and optimisation tool for your e-commerce merchandising strategy.

    The Strate emerch solution from CAMELEON group lets you study “THE POSITIONING ” and the exposure of your categories, brands and products on e-commerce websites.

  • With this emerchandising tool, we will analyse the organisation of your product categories as well as the positioning and visibility of your brands and products.

  • Strate emerch will also enable you to develop the visibility and attractiveness of your brands and products in the product catalogue on offer.

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