Remote monitoring of your deployments and field coordination

  • Coordinate
  • Fluidify
  • Organise
  • Analyse
  • Store manager is a field coordination tool designed entirely by CAMELEON group for its customers and their sales force.It works on PC, tablet and smartphone and allows you to programme your interventions, launch mission orders, monitor and analyse the field deployment of your communication campaigns.

    Store manager is a tool with a secure access on which you decide your staff members' level of involvement.

  • This platform was implemented in order to offer you greater fluidity in your interactions with our installers and our project managers in charge of controlling all the assignments implemented in the field.

    Thus, you can choose to receive your notifications direct in your e-mail inbox.

    We integrate every new retail outlet into our coordination tool, therefore, you benefit from a database containing a large number of addresses geo-located and listed on our previous in-store assignments.

  • In the frame of our CO2 emissions reduction policy, we are able to anticipate and identify the best routes that our installers should take in the field and select available teams that are closest to the stores where we have to intervene.

    Thanks to the development of a control panel equipped with cartography, display the progress of all your campaigns in just one click.

  • We configure your interventions and monitor our on-site missions through photos of the installers and mission reports.

    To analyse your campaigns, we have implemented a reporting module module which gives you statistics on your missions which can then be configured based on various characteristics.