An interactive wall or a social wall in your retail outlets

The social wall is a wall of images that enable the live dissemination of all your customers' social network posts (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

Faced with the increase and intensification of social networks, it has become essential for brands and trade names to integrate these challenges into their marketing and communication strategies.

According to study by Direct Matin in 2015, 1,076 selfies are taken every second around the world.

in order to cater for this trend, CAMELEON offers you the appeselfie solution for monitoring and engaging your customers with your brand on their own social networks via a photo or video system.

  • Create a buzz
  • Federate
  • Starify
  • Coordinate
  • appeselfie allows your customers to interact in real time about your news or events, thus generating virality on social networks.

    How does it work? The latter post their messages or photos on the pre-defined hashtag or by e-mail from their telephones and messages are displayed live on the social wall.

  • appeselfie can also be used for your corporate communication during your events, such as seminars, symposiums or team-building activities designed to unite your teams.

    The social wall will bring interactivity to the event and will allow you to unite your teams in a friendly atmosphere.

  • Thus, your customers are turned into stars, you capture the attention of your public and create a buzz in order to recruit, moderate and generate traffic at the retail outlet.

  • Thanks to the Digital Manager solution by Cameleon, appeslefie may be controlled remotely.

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