A sales force app for your sales team

According to a study conducted by the ActionCo website, 60% of decision-makers with a favourable opinion of apps believe that the objective of these solutions is to allow the sales team to be more effective from an operational point of view.

The sales teams should always have access to the information they need and should convey a modern image of their company to their customers or other people.

In order to meet this need for modernity, the digitalisation of sales teams has become a major challenge for companies.

CAMELEON's response for the presentation and promotion of your offering by your sales teams is appebook.

  • Store your documents
  • Support your sales force
  • Benefit from easy access to information
  • Increase efficiency
  • This sales force app lists all the information needed by your sales team every day: leaflets, catalogues, product sheets, sales pitches, instructions, tutorials, videos, business reports, e-learning, merchandising books, retailer book, sales book, shows and events, etc.

  • appebook aims to help your sales teams to present your products and services, communicate better, and, ultimately sell your solutions better.

  • Appebook content is accessible in the field without any connection and is synchronised automatically so that sales team always have the right information.

  • With the sales force app appebook, increase the efficiency of your sales teams at all stages in the sales cycle: preparation, presentation and monitoring.

    The content of the sales force app appebook can be managed and coordinated remotely via our Digital Manager platform.