Immortalize the products fittings of your customers in shop.

The interactive mirror connected screen mirror allows your customers to take pictures with a product or to try it virtually.
Thanks to the screen mirror, the customer follows the steps indicated on the mirror screen independently, that is to say:
- Identification of the product
- The collection of its datas
- Taking the picture he will automatically receive by email notification.
The retailer can then re-use this data with the customer's authorization, for example by displaying the customer's photos on the screens of his connected shop window or on his e-commerce site.
4 out of 10 shoppers contact their friends or family to seek advice on a purchase (source: GFK 2015).

  • Animate your commercial space
  • Collect relevant data
  • Make noise on social networks
  • With screen mirror, create the buzz by offering an innovative service and get a new advisor.

  • The customer completes a form (name, first name, email, telephone ...) wich allows you to keep in touch with him and to raise it with special offers.

  • Your customers share their photos on social networks allowing you to follow the digital impact of your operation, via our Digital Manager remote Platform.

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