Indoor and outdoor "digital signage" dynamic display solution

CAMELEON accompanies you in order to speed up the digitalisation of your retail outlets!

Because 83% of consumers believe that dynamic display creates curiosity and attracts attention* (*source Digital), CAMELEON has developed appesignage, a dynamic display indoor and outdoor "digital signage" solution.

Our objective with appesignage: ensure that your communication and your different messages are adapted to your target and are always up-to-date!

Indeed, often the communication displayed is not adapted to the public or the time.

  • Centralise
  • Personalise
  • Bring to life and capture
  • Influence and develop sales
  • It is essential for marketing services to design a responsive real time communication strategy.

    Aware of this challenge, CAMELEON offers appesignage, centralised communication that allows you to communicate a graphic and personalised message at each retail outlet;

  • With the appesignage dynamic display, the network of retail outlets can communicate with each of their customers to whom they disseminate a personalised message in their profile or their buying behaviour.

    appesignage also allows the communication of data related to the brand, such as sales, supplies, loyalty, CRM, programmes, etc.

  • Dynamic display favours memorisation and helps to reduce the sensation of waiting thanks to an interesting, entertaining and informative message that allows you to capture the customer's attention.

  • Also, when you increase the positive perception of the brand and the product, you increase the desire to buy and can guide the customer towards a different offering from the one he or she had in mind.

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