Your remotely programmed digital signage

With the rise in the digitalisation of retail outlets, more and more brands and trade names are using digital signage or dynamic display with a view to communicating and displaying different messages at the retail outlet.

On terminals, tablets, or any other digital screen, shoppers can watch the communications of brands and trade names.

But, in order for digital signage to be effective, the messages conveyed must be adapted to the public or the event in progress.

However, very often, the communication conveyed does not correspond to the public present or the event resulting in the shopper's potential frustration and a genuine loss for the brands and trade names.

In order to facilitate the management and dissemination of your digital signage content, CAMELEON developed Digital Manager: a solution that allows you to coordinate the dissemination of your content and your apps remotely.

  • Personalise
  • Supervise
  • Plan
  • Analyse
  • Thanks to this responsive web platform accessible online, you can now personalise your content from your office, by store, according to the operations, special offers, etc.

  • With Digital Manager, you will supervise, monitor and maintain your different terminals (screens, terminals, tablets, etc.) remotely and check the functioning of your devices in real time.

  • ...but also to plan according to specific diffusion times (chrono marketing) for a message conveyed at the right time and at the right place (geo marketing).

  • Digital manager also allows you to obtain qualified customer data and user statistics. This feedback will help you to optimise your different Digital Signage content implemented for effective results.

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