The digital catalogue for direct order-placing

To help your sales force to take orders in the field, CAMELEON offers the appeshop app.

Our objective: improve the productivity of your sales team!


The appeshop solution is an digital catalogue, designed especially to facilitate your sales team's daily life in connected or disconnected mode for optimum uses regardless of where they are.

  • Promote
  • Sell
  • Be cross-channel
  • Coordinate
  • Discover all of your products and services in a personalised and fun digital catalogue.

    Thus, your sales teams are able to present your complete offering to their customers (high-definition photos, references, descriptions and characteristics, products, prices, etc.) and carry out product searches.

  • Customers can select the products of their choice direct by adding them to a basket.


    According to the sales step and the customer's wishes, the app will automatically generate specifications, an estimate or an order form via an electronic signature.

    These elements will then be sent to the customer.

  • The digital catalogue app, appeshop, can be installed on all types of devices:

    touch terminal at retail outlets, retailer tablet, e-commerce website or mobile site.

  • The updating of the content of your CAMELEON digital catalogue appeshop can be managed remotely via our Digital Manager web platform.