Retail outlet marketing and the CAMELEON group


The CAMELEON group, initially a POS agency, now positions itself as a genuine retail outlet marketing agency. Organised around five professions, CAMELEON provides a unique global offering for retail activation. We accompany your projects from the study phases through to the installation in-store and the assessment of performance.

Insight: Strategic recommendations and assessment of performance


Upstream of projects, we implement studies that help you to formulate strategic merchandising, design and digital recommendations. Upstream, we assess the relevance and performance of your tools.

Cameleon group Insight studies

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Cameleon group POS design

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Design: take advantage of our designers' creativity


Our expertise: graphic design, brand design, multi-brand, category, POS, space and packaging. We also offer the chance to visit and visualise your stores in virtual reality thanks to virtual merchandising and 360° video.

Digital: Innovate differently!


By integrating creativity and technologies, we offer innovative user experiences: sales support apps, decision-making apps, interactive catalogue, product comparer and configurer, digital terminal, competitions, dynamic display, etc.

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Production, POS,, Cameleon

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Production: the guarantee of good implementation!


As a POS manufacturer, we design and produce your multi-material furniture: visual merchandising and corners, experiential furniture, stocker display unit, window display and gloryfier, category signposting, brand store, hotspot, shelf frame, interactive terminal, security, etc.

Field: In order to support you in the field!


We intervene in logistics, equipment installation and the maintenance of your merchandising operations in the field with a European network of installers, integrators, merchandisers and merchandising coordinators.

Our objective is to ensure the proper deployment of your retail outlet marketing campaigns.

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This unique global offering has one sole objective: to contribute to the development of your e-commerce retail sales.