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Recycling: an ecological way to deal with expiring POS adverts


There are many issues linked to expiring POS adverts. The volume of waste generated in this sector is estimated at around 100,000 tonnes per year in France. These volumes respectively represent 6% of distribution volume in cardboard and 11% of distribution volume in metal, plastic and wood.

Environmentally conscious efforts are now a strong feature of POS advert design specifications and have an active role to play in an ethical company.

Not only does CAMELEON develop and make eco-designed POS adverts, efforts are also made to ensure that the elements of an advert can be separated and recycled.  This is why we offer you a pick-up and a disposal service which takes care of recycling and getting the most out of your POS adverts when no longer in use at retail outlets. In order to complete this extensive service, we can optimise your carbon assessment expenses before a campaign by ensuring our service-providers make as few journeys as possible on-site through our Store Manager tool.