screen shelf

Innovate and create a linear digital marking entirely dynamic. Immerse your customers in the world of your products and brands.

With the screen shelf range, deploy a new generation of linear digital marking that draws customers' attention in the linear by broadcasting animated and remotely controlled content. Present your categories, your families, products and brands. Work on the dynamic display of your messages, your prices and highlights. Make the link with the communication content of your other communication channels: TV commercials, press display, website. Capitalize on the notoriety of your contents and the image of your brands. Cameleon also supports you in the creation and the adaptation of your content.

  • Choose your screen
  • Choose your digital content
  • Manage your digital content
  • Finance your digital marking
  • Use digital stretch screens as a fronton, handrail to attract the shopper and communicate your product information or to display your prices.
    By the screens chaining, your dynamic content can be broadcast simultaneously on different screens arranged side by side.
    Size of stretch screens: 740x310mm
    Handrail: 720 x 67mm

  • In order to realize a personalized content adapted to your needs, we help you in the realization of your contents of dynamic display while respecting your expectations and your graphic charter with appesignage.

  • Using the Digital Manager web platform, manage remotely the content of your digital screens so that they are adapted to your current communication, depending on the time and the place of the day.

  • For 24, 36 or 48 months, choose the financing that suits you.