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Implementation of marketing actions designed to develop customer relations


CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) is defined as all of the marketing actions, operations, or devices used to optimise the quality of customer relations, to gain consumer loyalty, to maximise turnover or the profit margin. CRM mobilises all the available tools and relational channels with the client, particularly all the technology and digital devices (tablets, smartphones, connected terminals etc.) as part of deployments that are increasingly multi-channel oriented.
CAMELEON expertise, with regards CRM, relies on its capacity to integrate all the components of a customer relationship, its mastery of the main tools and techniques used and a constant watch over new uses. Depending on your needs, we will advise you and deploy tailor-made marketing actions.
• Geolocalisation, push notifications by text
• Loyalty programme
• Competitions
• Satisfaction survey
• Coupons
• Selfie platform
• etc.