Optimise your sales and help shoppers choose with the sale assistance application, selection help, or the configurator

With ever-more connected shoppers, brands and franchises have had to adapt accordingly. Although shoppers haven’t abandoned retail outlets, they are however on the hunt for connected stores and a personalised experience.

In fact, a Popaï survey conducted in 2014 revealed that 82% of purchase-making decisions take place in retail outlets. Digital media has an important role to play in order to meet this demand.

To do this, CAMELEON gives you appechoice: various solutions such as the configurator, comparer (for product comparison), sale assistance application, selection help, or even the interactive catalogue.

These tools mean that shoppers have key information at their fingertips that is adapted to their needs and as such, boosting the chances of a sale.

  • Reassure
  • Bring to life
  • Accompany
  • With or without a salesperson, selection assistance helps with the preparation of an order and a sale by reassuring the shopper about their decision.

    As for the configurator, it suggests complementary products to the shopper which they probably wouldn’t have thought of, thus increasing impulse buys and additional sales.

  • However with the growth in e-commerce, it’s also important to offer these various solutions online.

    The various appechoice application will help you to boost your distribution network on e-commerce sites.

    According to a CAMELEON Insight survey conducted in 2015, 57% of the purchase journey takes place online.

  • The role of the salesperson is primordial in meeting customers’ expectations of a personalised experience, the sale assistance application will reinforce your sales team’s efforts.

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