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Designing and creating your brand image


As soon as your product becomes a reality, responds to a concrete and logical consumer need and conforms with a previously-defined brand strategy, it deserves to be placed in the best position to give it as much exposure as possible:
- an exclusive marketing position that will make it stand out,
- a dedicated semantic world that will identify it,
- an original product design that will highlight it,
- clever packaging that will optimise it...

Cameleon’s branding expertise is far-reaching. It works towards placing your product and brand in the optimal marketing position...throughout all the stages of its deployment: creation, referencing in retail outlets, repositioning, brand image modernisation etc.

Surrounded by a multi-disciplinary creative department (creative director, graphic designers, infographic designers, copywriters...) evolving in a retail and user experience environment, our areas of expertise (mass-market products, luxury, household equipment, skincare, beauty...) are also invitations to invest in new areas.